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Our AcornIntel Ads™ system uses artificial intelligence to promote your property on social media and Google. It achieves this by using machine learning to match customised ads with a highly targeted audience. This gives maximum exposure for your property, and can lead to quicker sales at the best possible price.


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Getting ready to sell
By Steven Morton

How to maximise the saleability of your property, and get the best price.

 4 mins | 684 words


Going, going, gone! 
By Jeff East

The auction process isn't right for every property, but is it right for yours?

 2.5 mins | 457 words


The right price guide 
By Steven Morton

The importance of setting the correct asking price from the outset.

 2 mins | 316 words


By Paul Deveney

An alternative option for homeowners who want to move but are not ready to sell.

 2.5 mins | 449 words


Reasons to buy a new home 
By Akin Kara

Buying a new home has a lot of advantages, and few disadvantages.

 2.5 mins | 464 words


Let's talk lettings 
By Paul Deveney

Top tips if you're considering letting out your property.

 3 mins | 564 words


The first-time-mover dilemma 
By Steven Morton

Should you buy or rent your first property? Here are the benefits of each.

 4.5 mins | 776 words


Thinking about downsizing? 
By Steven Morton

Whatever your circumstances, we are here to help guide you through the process.

 3 mins | 492 words


Decluttering your space 
By Adam Jones

Less stuff, means less to clean, less to organise, less to store, and less overall mess.

 3.5 mins | 603 words


Protect the value of your property 
By Silvana Goddard

If you’re considering renewing your lease, or just want to know what’s involved.

 3 mins | 498 words


Who is really the top estate agent? 
By Adam Jones

A lot claim to be the leading agent in their area, but are they really?

 2.5 mins | 407 words