Today, 66% of the UK’s population use social media (around 45m people). With the average person spending 2 hours and 23 minutes each day on it, it’s no wonder that social media is changing the face of advertising, including for the property market.

AcornIntel Ads™ is the next generation of online property marketing. Instead of just listing properties on portals, our system displays them across multiple social media channels, with real-time optimisation to maximise relevancy and accuracy.  

But this is not just ‘putting a property on social media’, AcornIntel generates 200–400% more engagement than standard ‘promoted posts’ and a 1200% higher click-through-rate than industry standards. 



It achieves this by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to match customised ads with a highly targeted audience. This gives maximum exposure for your property, and can lead to quicker sales at the best possible price

68% of social media users would like to receive information and offers from brands that are relevant to them.

AcornIntel also does more than just target people who are actively looking for property, it also matches ads to those who would consider moving if they saw the right property.

Our dashboard gives us access to up-to-the-minute analytics, allowing us to work closely with you to fine-tune our marketing strategy in realtime. 


To find out more about how we use the latest technology to help sell your property, get a free property valuation today and speak to one of our experts.