We are able to offer expert help and assistance, whether you are looking to buy or sell throughout London and the South East. From land acquisition to completion of re-sales, development appraisals to marketing strategies and investment advice for portfolio of individual purchasers, we will be able to assist and provide a complete and comprehensive service.



Our three regional offices in London Bridge, Bromley and Northumberland Heath are strategically placed to enable cross-selling. These offices are also supported by The Group’s residential network of offices. Our direct sales team have the experience and in-depth knowledge of each geographical area of operation, ensuring that they are able to advise with confidence. Our team of sales negotiators operate from computer linked offices which are under the control of our New Homes Management Team, ensuring maximum exposure to our purchaser database for each development.

We implement bespoke marketing strategies to maximise value and to ensure the desired rate of sale and prices are achieved for our clients. We are able to organise high profile launches and open days for each development and are one of the very few property companies that have an in-house team of designers who are available at the disposal of our developer clients, which enable us to react quickly in the production of our marketing material keeping us ahead of the competition.

For more information, request a copy of our bespoke brochure for developers below.

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