The effective management of any building relies on the responsible control of its finances.  The lease will set out the way in which the service charges are to be accounted for and Acorn ensure these provisions are complied with transparently.  We estimate a building’s running costs based on the services to be provided in discussion with the client.  Service charge payments are carefully monitored and if not paid, prompt action is taken with those in default to ensure there are no cash flow issues. The service charge account is certified by a suitably qualified accountant at year end and distributed to all those who have contributed towards the services over the course of the year.

We will maintain the building and any parts used in common to comply with the client’s contractual responsibilities. With our database of specialist contractors and tradespeople, we are able to deal promptly and cost-effectively with all reports of disrepair to provide a safe and well cared for environment for all residents to enjoy.

Regular programmed services are put in place which will positively impact the overall appearance of a building to maintain consistently high standards of cleanliness and repair. We work with surveyors and specialist consultants to prepare specifications for works, maintenance plans and schedules of dilapidations.

The lease often provides for the landlord to build up a fund over consecutive years through the service charge to pay for large items of expenditure such as replacement of a roof or cyclical redecoration. Acorn will plan and forecast the reserves required for the replacement of specific components or cyclical works.  This money is held in trust in a designated client account for the purpose of meeting the anticipated costs over future years. 

Current legislation requires compliance with a wide range of health and safety regulations which can go beyond those set out in the lease. There can be serious consequences for the client and/or the manager if these regulations are ignored or neglected. Acorn undertakes to comply with health and safety requirements in any common areas.

We also work with specialist service providers to carry out the required fire risk assessment, electrical safety check, asbestos survey and testing of water systems.

We provide leasehold and management information to solicitors and others in connection with enquiries where a sale or re-mortgage is progressing on an individual property. We will deal with or advise on applications for assignment, transfer, charge or disposition on behalf of the client.

As a lease becomes shorter, it loses value and the property can become more difficult to sell. Leaseholders have the right for the grant of a new lease. Start Lease Extensions, part of the Acorn Group, can assist with the formal procedures required to successfully complete a lease extension application for a simple fixed fee all-inclusive package. All work is carried out by leading professionals who specialise in this field.

Acorn provides an out of hours’ service so that if an emergency incident arises at a building when our offices are closed, residents are able to obtain advice and support at any time, day or night. Initially, an assessment would be made to determine the best course of action and if needs be, our emergency call centre will arrange for an out of hours contractor to attend a building and where possible a repair will be made there and then.

This service is available to residential management companies, right to manage companies and resident controlled freehold companies. We will undertake to comply with our client’s statutory obligations ensuring that all necessary returns and other documents are properly dealt with including coordination of formal meetings and administration of share transfers.

We work with reputable insurance providers to seek cost-effective and comprehensive insurance cover to meet the needs of each client including cover for buildings, terrorism, public liability, engineering and directors & officers. Acorn can also provide support through the claims process.

We carry out regular site inspections to assess the general condition and any wants of repair. We also monitor the effectiveness of regular programmed services such as gardening and cleaning. Additional inspections are carried out to check a particular set of works or to assess the need for works.

Acorn will collect ground rent in the prescribed form in accordance with the requirements of the individual lease, reporting to the client accurately and transparently. We have robust procedures in place to ensure prompt recovery of any overdue rents in a timely manner.