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Akin Kara
New Homes
Akin has specialised in the New Homes sector for over 15 years, providing valuable advice to developers in optimising their projects and assisting purchasers in the buying process of their new home.

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Questions Recently Answered by Akin


Do you need a survey on a new build property?


The required surveys that are needed for new build property/developments when purchasing, are the mortgage surveys. However, if the purchaser would like to arrange a building/structure survey, that is down to their discretion.


What does purchasing off-plan mean and what are the benefits?


This is when you purchase your new home before the developer has finished building it and may even be before construction has started. This allows buyers to pre-select their home (subject to availability) and in some cases, personalise finishes (subject to availability). You will need to ensure that your financial position is secure to complete your purchase as you are expected to exchange contracts within the usual timescales.

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