Always check the small print...


Look closely at the claims by other agents and you’ll often notice something in the small print.

Many will claim to be the leading agent in their area, but when you look closely, it’s the often a claim of the “most sales” or “most instructions”, but in a very limited area, and over a very limited period of time. 

One recent example we saw, claimed to be the top agent in the area because they sold the most properties in a set of very specific sub-postcodes, over just a single week — six months ago!

Also, most agents will use portals such as Rightmove as their data source, but it’s important to note that Rightmove doesn’t contain all properties sold, only the ones listed on their portal.

Instead, where possible, we like to use definitive whole-of-market results such as that supplied by independent property data agency, TwentyCI.

According to their recent report, Acorn Group (which includes the brands Acorn, John Payne, and Langford Russell) sold more properties over the entire SE (South East) and BR (Bromley) postcodes, than any other agent.

In addition, we also let more property than any other agent in the BR and DA (Dartford) postcodes. And if you exclude online-only agents with no high street offices, we’re also top agent in SE postcode as well.




So why do people choose us? 

We believe that the reason people choose to use our services over our competitors, is because we have built up a reputation for quality of service. As for clues as to why this might be? From the moment we opened our first office 40 years ago in Grove Park, we have worked hard to make it part of our DNA to put our clients’ needs first. 

That level of customer-focus is ingrained in our culture at the highest level — by many of the same people who helped start the company.

But numbers and statistics are meaningless without something else to back it up. Here, we try to let our customers do the talking for us: in 2022, we received 1,289 customer reviews on Google averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars.



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