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Steven Morton
Residential Sales
Steven has worked in property sales for over 11 years. He started his career at Acorn aged 23 in our central London offices and has developed an expert knowledge of the London and Kent property market. Steven now the heads up our estate agency sales division along with our corporate sales team.

Go ahead, ask Steven anything!

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Questions Recently Answered by Steven


Aren’t online agents cheaper than high street agents?


Online agents generally charge a smaller flat fee up-front for selling your property, rather than a percentage of the final sale price. While on the face of it this seems like a good deal, consider how incentivised an online agent is to sell your property for the best price possible or even at all, once they have your money. Our model is to levy our sales commission on a “no-sale, no-fee” basis. In simple terms, we are motivated to achieve the best price for a vendor’s home and it’s essential the sale completes if we are to be paid any commission at all.

Typically high street agents spend as much money per property as on-line agents do (if not more) on digital marketing. Even more importantly this is further supported by a physical office presence and dedicated local team of staff, who are focused on delivering the vendors and purchasers requirements. We firmly believe our model will consistently generate the best price (after fees), which is probably the most important factor to consider when measuring the value for money provided by your agent.


How will I know I am asking the right price?


Valuing your home has never been an exact science – there are many things to consider. The location, style and size of the accommodation are usually the most important factors, together with the condition of the property and any improvements that may have been carried out. We research recent sales in the area and take account of current demand for your type of property.


Why do I need to show my ID before my property can be marketed?


In 2004 the government extended the anti-money-laundering legislation requiring estate agents to verify the identity of their clients. This formality is conducted with the minimum of inconvenience.

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