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Why buy a new home?

There are many advantages of buying a brand-new home – whether it’s the potential savings in energy costs, the green credentials, the ease of moving straight-in without undertaking any work or the added peace of mind of a 10 year building warranty.


Energy saving

With the recent rises in energy prices, one of the main benefits of buying a brand-new property is the potential money that could be saved on running it. Based on the most recent energy prices which came into effect from October 2022, on average, new-build properties will cost around £1,500 to run a year — just 42% of the cost of an average existing dwelling, which would be over £3,500 per year. This is because new-build homes are consistently rated with much higher EPCs than existing properties.



For homes logged in the year to June 2022, 84% of new builds were rated A or B for energy efficiency, while under 4% of existing properties reached the same standards.* This is due to factors such as high levels of modern insulation, energy-efficient built-in appliances, modern double-glazed windows and more.


What else?

Another key selling point of buying new, is the fact that you can move straight without the need for any costly renovations or refurbishment – you can just pack up your belongings and be in your property with minimal effort! 

What’s more, in addition to the 10 year building warranties that come with all new-builds, all individual appliances such as ovens, dishwashers and washing machines come with their own individual warranties for added peace of mind.

For many people, moving into a new home just simply means less effort from day one. Everything is new, so there should be very little that needs work, and in fact will often offer a blank canvas upon which to put your own home stamp when you’re ready. 

A new home can often also be safer if you, or someone you live with has asthma or allergies. Better air filtration, minimises adverse symptoms caused by pollen and dust, and provides cleaner air quality.

* All figures quoted are based on average usage. Source: Home Builders Federation Autumn 2022 Report

The bottom line

A new-build property represents a chance to move into a brand new home, (sometimes customised to your specifications), which will be more energy efficient, and be low effort to maintain from day one. You’ll also benefit from a 10 year warranty and can move straight in without delay.


If you’re considering buying a new home, contact our new homes team today on 020 8315 6996 or view our currently available properties.

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