We work with you from concept to construction and beyond. We plan the service charge structure and provision of services and facilities at an early stage of the build in preparation for marketing. We analyse sustainability and evaluate costs, advise on lease provisions and environmental issues and prepare welcome packs for residents.

We make sure there is a smooth transition of the management following practical completion. We work in partnership with our New Homes Sales Team to achieve an innovative and successful marketing strategy and to provide an essential after sales process.

A Resident Management Company (RMC) is usually formed as a vehicle to take contractual responsibility for the management of the common areas and shared services; without which the management of a building or housing estate can quickly break down. It is often left to the dedication of one or two residents to collect the service charges and decide what maintenance should be done and when; those involved will be aware that self-management can be a complicated and thankless task.

Disagreements can arise between neighbours which can become detrimental to the overall management. We bring an organised, fair and diplomatic approach to the daily management issues which will avoid the many pitfalls of self-management. We provide invaluable support with budget control, arrears recovery, fire safety compliance, health and safety and supervision of works.

We assess the need for works based on a duty to the residents as a group and not on individual preferences and all our appointed tradespeople and advisors are regularly monitored, properly insured and qualified.

Flat owners have the legal right to take control of the management of their building without the need to prove fault on the part of the existing landlord or manager. This can be a complicated process and involves the setting up of a resident-controlled company to take responsibility for the landlord’s contractual management functions.

There are certain qualifying criteria which must be met to achieve success and it is essential that the flat owners understand the responsibility that self-management places on them. We work with flat owners to help steer them through the RTM formation process and on-going management responsibility.

Investment companies specialising in the purchase of freehold ground rents will not necessarily want the responsibility of taking control of the landlord’s contractual maintaining and repairing obligations. We work with many such investment companies to ensure that their investments are properly managed and maintained.

With our market knowledge and industry contacts, we can also offer a fast and reliable service for investors to release capital through the sale of a freehold or similarly we can provide new freehold investment opportunities to clients.

Flat owners have a statutory right, subject to meeting certain qualification requirements, to buy the freehold of their building or part of their building; the benefit of this allows those with a share in the freehold to extend their lease. The procedure for enfranchising a freehold can be quite complex and the assistance of a specialist solicitor and surveyor is advisable. We work with flat owners to help steer them through the enfranchisement process and on-going management responsibility.