What defines a successful sale?

Does this mean attracting lots of viewings and/or offers? Finding a buyer quickly? Selling at the expected asking price? In truth, most home sellers would wish for all of the above.


So what’s the key to achieving this?

The answer is simple. Set the right asking price from the very start of the sales process. If you’re looking to sell your home, the great news is that the asking price is in your hands – after all, it’s your property, so you will have the final say on the price of your home should be marketed at. However, it’s our job to use our expertise to find the price we believe it can achieve in the current market.


Asking price vs. market value

A home may be placed on the market with a particular asking price. But ultimately it’s the market that confirms the actual value of that home – until a buyer agrees to pay a specific price for a property, its value is undetermined.

So the value for any property is whatever the market perceives it to be currently worth, and is prepared to pay.
The crucial word here is ‘currently’ – a property’s value today, not yesterday or tomorrow (see diagram below). For many people, their home is their single biggest financial asset. It’s important to explore how value and asking price can be correctly identified, why getting this right is essential from the start, and what you can do to maximise the saleability of your home. 




The bottom line

Getting the asking price right from the outset is key to a quick sale at the best price. Our expert advice will be informed by current market conditions and recent sale prices for similar properties.


To find out what your property is worth, arrange a free valuation.

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