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As part of the wider Leaders Romans Group, we have a team of over 3,000 individuals encompassing a range of brands, branches and departments across the country. We already pride ourselves on our diverse workforce: no fewer than 63% of our staff are female, and we offer some unique benefits to attract women.

However, acknowledging that women can still face additional pressures in the workplace, we have implemented several further initiatives as part of a programme named EmpowerHER, which launches today, on International Women's Day.

EmpowerHER will offer events, educational materials, and ongoing round tables to promote networking, thoughtful discussions, and sharing best practices amongst our female staff.

Aspiring female leaders will be mentored by professionals from LRG’s senior team, and we will continue to actively seek recognition and accolades for our female staff through industry award submissions.

Michael Cook, CEO, says, “We are committed to an inclusive and collaborative culture, one which celebrates diversity and the benefits that it brings to the workplace—including creativity, problem solving, and customer and stakeholder relations.

“63% of our staff are women. We already use internal training, regular communications, an Employee Voice Group and an annual employee engagement survey to ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Our company-wide policies ensure that all employees have the same opportunities, are treated fairly and feel safe enough to speak up if they witness or experience discrimination.

"Policies already in place to encourage and support women include a fertility benefit, a menopause policy and enhanced maternity leave. LRG already has no fewer than 477 unique working patterns, which highlights its support for flexible working arrangements. Acknowledging that flexibility is crucial in accommodating the diverse needs and responsibilities of our employees, particularly for women who may be juggling career aspirations with family or personal commitments."

Hannah Cooper, Group HR Director, says, “One of the key ways in which I hope to inspire business women is by championing diversity and inclusivity at every level at LRG. Our directors firmly believe that a diverse workforce leads to greater success.”

Allison Thompson, National Lettings Managing Director, says, “The Group Lettings division at LRG is 68% female. Therefore, my career aspirations over the next three years are deeply intertwined with LRG’s overarching goal of having a diverse, inclusive, and empowering workplace environment. Through the implementation of EmpowerHER and its various initiatives, I am confident that we will not only realise our strategic growth objectives but empower countless women to unleash their full potential and emerge as the leaders of tomorrow.”

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