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New stamp duty rates take effect as of today (1st July 2021).

Although the higher discount period has now elapsed, there is still a stamp duty on the first £250k, which means that everyone (except first time buyers under £500k) will save £2,500 if they complete before 1st October.


First time buyers of properties under £500k will still benefit from the same discounts that were in place before, taxing the first £300k of their purchase at 0%. 



For non-first time buyers (or first time buyers of properties over £500k) the rates are as follows. 



For anyone buying a second home (such as buy-to-let) the above rates increased by 3%, as below.



You can use our stamp duty calculator page to work out the exact amount you can expect to pay. To find out more information, visit the official UK Government SDLT page.