Acorn staff continue their support of The Manna Society, with another day of volunteering at the homeless shelter.

Nanette French, The Manna Society's founding member, returned from traveling Africa in 1983 to horrifying numbers of homeless people in London. Shocked by the reality of poverty in her home town, she decided to open a soup kitchen in SE1.

More than thirty years later, Manna is now an established charity and provide day shelter, medical care, mental health support, clothing, education, hot meals, showers, and housing advice.

They aim to house 300 people per year in affordable housing through a partnership with Southwark Council.

Acorn is all too aware of the demand for affordable residential property in London, and our development team maintains close relationships with non-profit housing associations that provide low-cost housing for those in need.

It costs Manna approximately £40,000 per month to provide services; 90% of this is dependent on voluntary donations.

We urge you to donate today at