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General Insurance Adviser

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General Insurance Adviser

Job Description:

To offer advice in a thoroughly competent and professional manner, observing the regulatory requirements introduced by the FCA, together with following the Stonebridge Sales & Compliance procedures.

To act with integrity, due skill, care and diligence and arrange the protection cover for any client wishing to accept the advice offered.

The General Insurance Adviser is to conduct themselves in a thoroughly professional manner so as to enhance the reputation of the company with both clients and introducers alike. The adviser is also to maximise income opportunities by offering high levels of service and quality of advice, so as to 'win’ business ahead of the local competition, by:-

  • Observing the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Observing the requirements of the Stonebridge sales’ procedures
  • Accepting full responsibility for the day-to-day maintenance of a close and mutually productive working relationship with any designated Introducer who has elected to enter into a formal arrangement with the company.

Offering General Insurance Advice:

The General Insurance Adviser is to offer advice in a thoroughly competent, professional and compliant manner, by:-

  • Observing the Stonebridge Group sales process and regulatory requirements.
  • Making full use of the quotation software available.
  • Taking full account of the client’s existing 'cover’ already in place.
  • Fully completing the section on the Client Factfind and inviting the client to offer opinion and prioritise needs.
  • Making a recommendation which provides full 'protection’ in all areas of need; thereby fully addressing any 'protection shortfall.
  • Taking the time to fully explain the reasons for the recommendation.

Arranging the protection; and completing the documentation:

The General Insurance Adviser is to arrange the general insurance in a thoroughly competent, professional and compliant manner; and is to do so in such a way as to allow the provider to issue an offer in as short a period of time as possible, by:-

  • Making full use of the available technology and consequently submitting 'on-line’ applications, whenever possible.
  • Ensuring the client’s circumstances meets the provider’s criteria.
  • Ensuring the application is both accurate and fully complete
  • Ensuring all necessary supporting documentation accompanies the application
  • Ensuring the client discloses all material information.

Compliance Responsibilities:

The General Insurance Aviser is to offer advice and arrange the application in a thoroughly competent, professional and compliant manner, adhering to all FCA and Stonebridge requirements, by:-

  • Following the requirements of the FCA & Stonebridge Procedures
  • Following the requirements of the FCA Advice Standards
  • Following the requirements of the Stonebridge Sales Procedures
  • Following the requirements of the Stonebridge 'Compliance’ Manual.
  • Making a full and proper introduction, issuing the correct Initial Disclosure Document and Fee Agreement
  • Completing fully the Client Factfind within revolution and sourcing the most appropriate protection to suit the client’s circumstances
  • Providing the client with an accurate Key Facts Illustration
  • Issuing an accurate D&N Statement illustrating precisely how the products recommended meet the client’s needs, having taken into account any likely change in the client’s circumstances and having identified the client’s needs in priority order.
  • Exceeding the Company’s minimum standards in respect of Key Performance Indicators and thereby retaining Competent Status in accordance with the firms performance management system
  • Attending the Sales’ meeting, 1:1 meetings and all other training organised on an internal and external basis.

Treating Customers Fairly:

The Advisor is also responsible for supporting the culture of TCF and ensuring it is embedded in the company. This involves:-

  • Being constantly mindful of TCF
  • Ensuring processes and actions meet the 6 consumer outcomes
  • Recommending improvements where appropriate
  • Embracing the culture of TCF in day-to-day working practice

Salary: £16,000 - 18,000 Basic + commission OTE £30,000

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